Gaspar Iwaniura Lorge

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1985, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designer and artist. Lives and works in Buenos Aires.
He uses photographs and scans as material to produce his works.

Studied Computer Engineering for 4 years and finally graduated in Graphic Design, both at the University of Buenos Aires. He trained in photography in workshops and clinics with different artists. She recently participated in the PAC FOTX 2021 artist programme of Gachi Prieto Gallery.

In 2016 she is working on the project "Possible uses for a newspaper" which results in the publication of "En movimiento", a tabloid format newspaper that brings together photographs taken between 2005 and 2015. At the same time he develops "Territorios", a project that looks at corporeality through the proximity and deformity generated in the scanning process. In 2018 he began "Superficies", a project in which he works on the ideas of materiality and context through large-scale photographs that he intervenes on walls and different objects in the street.

In 2020 he founded KOLOR, a laboratory dedicated to the reproduction of photography using only analogue methods, in order to promote and preserve this craft and to generate an archive from the laboratory's production.

In 2022, KOLOR receives the Mecenazgo fund from the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires for a production of photographs with analogue material from 3 relevant local archives: Archivo de la Memoria Trans (, Fundación PH15 ( and the archive of Foto Estudio Luisita ( estudio-luisita/).

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ph credit. Jean-Paul Pastor Guzmán